Series 602 Flange Coupling Adapter (FCA)

Baker Flange Coupling Adapters (FCA) are used to provide flexible plain end pipe to flanged end connection.

Material Specifications:
  1. Baker Flange Coupling Adapters meet or exceed provisions of ANSI/ AWWA C219 (Couplings standard for plain end pipe)
  2. Alternate materials and coatings can be provided as required by project specifications.
  3. Gasket, bolts, and nuts for Bolting Flange are not furnished by Baker.
  4. All dimensions are in inches.
  5. Insulating boot can be provided, if required.


AWWA Class D, E, and F

Based on Flange Type

Middle Ring
ASTM A36 Cold Expanded 1%

Follower Ring
ASTM A576 Gr. 1020/ ASTM A36 Single Mill Contoured Section Cold Expanded 1%

NSF-61 BUNA-S/BUNA-N/EPDM/Gr. 30/Gr. 27 per ASTM D2000/ AWWA C111/ C-219

Tie Rods
ASTM A193 Gr. B7. Stainless steel, both Type 304 or 316.

Bolts, Nuts, and Spherical Washers:
High Strength Low Alloy per ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11. Stainless steel, option of either Type 304 or Type 316. With heavy hex nuts electrogalvanized, but torque per Baker Installation Instruction.

Coating & Lining

Baker Shop Coat for corrosion protection in transit-no sandblast NSF-61 Coatings & Linings available.

Insulating Boot
NSF-61 BUNA-S/BUNA-N/EPDM/Gr. 30/Gr. 27 per ASTM D2000/ AWWA C111/ C-219

Baker Flange Coupling Adapter- Up to 144 inches (higher sizes on application)

To order Baker Flange Coupling Adapters (FCA), Customer must specify:
  • Connecting Flange information (nominal size and type)
  • Connecting Pipe OD and wall thickness
  • Required pressure rating (max pressure for the line)
  • Special lining/coating requirements
  • Material Information for bolts and tie rods
  • If insulating boot is required