Baker Expansion Joints

Material Specifications:
  • Baker Expansion Joints meet or exceed provisions of ANSI/ AWWA C221 (Standard for Fabricated Steel Slip-Type Expansion Joints)
  • Alternate materials and coatings can be provided as required by project specifications.

Slip Pipe
Hard Chrome plated on machined surface or stainless steel option.

AWWA Class D, E, and F Pressure based on Flange Type to meet specifications (ANSI 150 & 300)

Nuts and Bolts
High Strength Low Alloy per ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11. Stainless steel, option of either Type 304 or Type 316. With heavy hex nuts electrogalvanized

Alternating combination of rubber and impregnated flax for water service. Other packing material available upon request.
Coating & Lining
NSF-61 per AWWA Coatings & Linings.

Temperature Range
-20°F to 212°F, Custom Application available.

End Preparation
Flanged, Beveled, grooved, or plain end for Butt Strap, and other special per specification

Baker Expansion Joints- Up to 198 inches

Limit Rods to be used when more than one Expansion Joint is used on the same line.